Well-being Session Descriptions

Day 1

Session 1
Guided Meditation and Journaling for Professional Development

Presenter: Kate Stenzinger

Description: Give yourself focused time to plot your career direction, figure out your next steps and reflect on how far you’ve come. In this session you will be lead through multiple guided meditations to open your mind, think differently, dream big and get out of your own way. Throughout this session we will take time and space to journal our thoughts, goals and next steps.
How to cultivate mindfulness and resilience through breath-based yoga

Presenter: Kesha Brennom

Description: The session will begin by interacting with attendees, identifying some of the main challenges faced by many professional women today. I will share how I found ways to improve my well-being through a custom, breath-based yoga practice, and what happened once I started practicing daily. Next, I will invite attendees to participate in and experience this kind of practice. After the practice concludes, I will share several simple tools that will promote mindfulness, connect to them to their breath, and will help to nurture resilience for improved daily well-being.
Managing the Art of the Swerve: Better Because of Challenging Times

Presenter: Sue Stanek

Description: Throughout life we inevitably encounter unexpected challenges that are out of our control. These challenges cause us to swerve, and ideally, regain our bearings, and continue on: in and outside of our career. This session provides inspiring and practical ways to manage the art of the swerve – becoming better because of, not in spite of, the challenges we face. We will cover strategies to stay resilient in the moment, in the days/months ahead, and longer term. Sue draws on her personal and professional experience along with the practical research. The goal is to give each of us more strength and perspective, for ourselves, as well as those we influence.
Session 2
Stress Reduction for Peace, Productivity & Wellness

Presenter: Maria Shea

When do you feel the most relaxed?
On Vacation? At the end of a work day/week? When the kids are in bed? Out in nature? Time with friends ? Enjoying a luxurious bath, or glorious
sunset? Just as your head is hitting the pillow?

You don’t have to wait for those moments to feel that sense of peace wash over you… as you bask in it. It is available to you all. the. time.

We live in a fast-paced digital world, with seemingly endless work and personal “TO-DO” lists. And this is all housed in the uncertainty and chaos of the last two years. Therefore, we are left feeling anxious, depleted, exhausted, distracted, and…stressed.

We become so accustomed to living with stress, that it is becoming a chronic condition for many of us, wreaking havoc on our mental and physical health. You being healthy and happy is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others.

The most amazing things start to happen when we learn how to work with the stress in our bodies, our minds, and the outside world. We learn to master our energy, and tap into a place of peace, of calm, of JOY that our soul is so craving!
Posture Workshop. Corrective exercises to improve posture and decrease pain

Presenter: Marina Arena

Description: How you sit, stand, and walk all have a HUGE impact on your overall health! Proper posture and movement improves blood flow and nervous system function, decreases risk of chronic pain and injury, and can also affect your mood, sleep, hormones, digestive and immune health. Be proactive, not reactive! Don’t wait until after injury or onset of pain to take simple steps to correct your posture, body mechanics, and gait. In this workshop, you will learn corrective exercises to improve posture and decrease pain
Discovering Vitality and Resilience When on the Hormonal Rollercoaster

Presenter: Brenda Navin

Description: As women, we don’t have to suffer from the changes taking place in our bodies. Find the vitality and resiliency you seek through the perimenopause and menopause years. This is not a taboo topic.

The goal of this session is to give you real information so you can take action. Together, we’ll cover:
What’s really happening inside our bodies and the hormonal rollercoaster.
Solid solutions to combat the most complained about symptoms: weight gain, hot flashes, and the emotional pendulum.
Creating your own plan to not just survive but thrive and be resilient as you age
Session 3
Fostering Healthy Leaders: Forest Bathing for Resilience & Relief

Presenter: David Motzenbecker

Description: This presentation delves into how the forest has been historically viewed as a place of transformation across many cultures; it then examines present-day stressors, what they are doing to our bodies and minds, and how re-connecting to nature helps build resilience, focus, and other leadership qualities.
Many participants are busy professionals immersed in the stressful surroundings of the healthcare profession and disconnected from nature. By introducing attendees to a new way of intentionally experiencing nature – they will learn how to consider the challenges they face in a new way.
This presentation ends with a short “forest bathing sampler” focusing on experiencing nature with the senses.
Introduction to Centergy, a Yoga and Pilates Fusion

Presenter: Adriene Thornton

Description: Centergy incorporates yoga and Pilates fundamentals with athletic training for strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility. Emotive music drives the experience as you breathe and sweat through this full-body movement journey.
Resiliency and tools to lean to positive energy

Presenter: Niobis (NIO) Queiro

The last two years have been full of challenges that have made us all reflect on our lives. Through this journey, Nio has put together a framework to build up resilience and leadership while being anchored on our authority. Nio will share her journey and tools during her session.
Session 1
Happy hormones, happy life or Let’s Talk about hormones

Presenter: Stephanie Potter

Description: Hormone balancing, energy boosting & stress reducing. Why you need to listen to what your hormones are telling you well before menopause or happy hormones: it’s not just about menopause.

High level/brief over view of female hormones how we are different than men etc.
Signs of hormonal imbalance
Common hormonal imbalance symptoms
The rest of the presentation would be focused on practical tips/strategies and resources surrounding these four areas:
Nourish-nutrition and the importance of healthy fats, clean protein and fiber. How our body’s needs change over time and why we can’t always eat what our kids are eating (or our partner etc).
Move: Importance of altering our exercise based on our cycle and getting enough movement throughout the day.
Rest: Sleep, spending time in nature, gratitude/joy, meditation
Remove: removing toxins that can contribute to hormonal imbalances in our food, household products, cleaning products and beauty/personal care.
Audience/table interactions: I’d love to give them a few minutes in the beginning to share their challenges/symptoms and pepper in some questions throughout and get a show of hands etc. I like to tell stories too of clients/myself as I find this helps keep people engaged and interested.
I have an opt-in on my website that people can download if they’d like with my resource guide and hormone balance recipes
T’ai chi: Your 5-minute de-stress toolkit

Presenter: Cheryl Powers

Description: Movement or Mindfulness Session:
With just 5 minutes of mindful t’ai chi exercises you can de-stress at home or at the office. This session will explore t’ai chi and qigong for relaxation and mindfulness. Together we will learn a set of gentle t’ai chi and qigong exercises to eliminate tension. Our goal is to make these simple exercises yours, so you can relax, de-stress and enhance your work-life balance whenever and wherever you are. No prior knowledge of t’ai chi or qigong is required.
Mindful Pause: A Path to Well-Being and Resilience

Presenter: Cami Smalley

Description: Learn the Mindful Pause approach to health and well-being: Stop. Breathe. Think. Choose.
This foundational class introduces the Mindful Pause process:
Stop and prioritize self-care
Breathe to connect mind and body for self-regulation.
Think with a restorative mindset
Choose to align with purpose using proven self-care skills
In this workshop:
• Complete a holistic assessment of wellbeing.
• What is Resilience? And why is it important to me? (Institute of HeartMath, 2012)
• Self-Care as personal and professional responsibility
o For Healthcare audiences: Living into the Quadruple Aim
• Understand the role of the stress/relaxation response (Benson, 1975) (McEwen & Norton Lasley, The End of Stress As We Know It, 2002)
• Identify your Personal Stress Warning Signals
• Identify Care versus Over Care
o compassion fatigue, burnout, moral distress
• Introduce the Mindful Pause tool as mind/body skill for well-being and self-regulation
• Additional Mind-Body Skills
o Stress Warning Signals
o Meditation/Mindfulness (Rakel, Integrative Medicine, 2007) (Kabat-Zinn, 1997
Session 2
Navigating Past and Present Goals through Mindful Mixed-Media Collage

Presenter: Ryann Sparrow

Description: In this workshop, participants will explore past experiences that have sculpted their present professional and personal goals. The session will begin with a short open-ended free-writing exercise that will guide participants to select highlighted topics for small-format mixed-media collage creation. The facilitator will provide materials, though participants are encouraged to bring images, text, and any other materials they would like to incorporate into their collage cards.
This experience is open and accessible to both art-lovers and individuals hesitant to create art pieces. The focus is on the process of creation and not the product, though many participants walk away from the event with tangible works that can inspire and provide reminders of growth.
Unlock Healing Power within

Presenter: Julia Vimal

Description: Through various yoga and tai chi exercises learn how to feel energy and align your body to regain its original healthy state though full mindfulness and focus.
Leading Into Resilience: Aligning Our Personal & Professional Selves

Presenter: Heather Britt

Description: This interactive session will invite attendees to self-reflect on their leadership style and approaches and to evaluate the concordance with their own personal beliefs about balance and resilience. We’ll explore what we know about burnout in the workplace and in our personal lives, how we show up as leaders and the expectations we create, and actively develop a personal game plan for leading into resilience. This session will be a balancing act between data sharing, storytelling, and active engagement by participants in journaling, role playing, and questioning leadership practices and principles we all hold dear.
Session 3
Discover Your Financial Brilliance!

Presenter: Jayne Ellegard

Description: What would change in your life if you truly understood your financial situation? Reduced financial stress? Increased clarity about your financial future? Or maybe, a renewed sense of belief in yourself?
It’s time to change the narrative about becoming a financially successful woman. Would you rather be the damsel in distress or a woman who is self-assured and confident in your money decisions? Take the time to level up your financial knowledge and claim your seat at the money table.
You will leave this presentation with three simple, tangible steps you can take immediately to get financially empowered and inspired!
Resistance Bands. A total-body workout, without any impact or joint pain

Presenter: Marina Arena

Description: This class will provide you with a total-body workout, without any impact or join pain, while being fun and easy to follow! We will use resistance bands to strengthen, stretch, tone, and sculpt your muscles in ways that standard weights cannot. If you have a favorite band, please feel free to bring your own otherwise one will be provided for you.
Benefits of resistance band training:
-decrease the risk of injury
-best tool to use for compound exercises, activating multiple muscle groups at once
-great for cross training to improve athletic performance
-recruit/activate stabilization and core muscles

-ideal modality for injury rehab
-increase flexibility and stability
-improve posture
-improve functional training, making you feel stronger while doing everyday tasks
-versatile alternative to gym equipment
-inexpensive and lightweight!
The Me before I was Me

Presenter: Bobbi Kochevar

Description: Often, we rewrite the stories of our lives and do so by adopting a fake talk track about our skills, abilities, and value that we have come to believe through our hardships in life. In this session, participants will identify how their beliefs influence and control our lives, explore three categories of lies we tell ourselves (Performance, People Pleasing and Control), and participants will be encouraged to “see” the Truths about them that they don’t see.