About the TRUST

The Women’s Health Leadership TRUST is a dynamic network of women health care professionals seeking to nurture their growth with strategic networking, professional and personal development and education opportunities.

We create and support opportunities for:


The Women’s Health Leadership TRUST is an inclusive, diverse and collaborative network that advocates, inspires and offers insights to women leaders in health care.


Create new possibilities for all women – in health care, well-being and beyond.


Our organization was founded in 1979 with 23 charter members, including leaders, clinicians and business owners – all with a shared commitment to advance women in health care professions, influence policy and contribute to health care in our communities. Today, we have grown to more than 400 members and continue to draw on the vision of our founding members, particularly the enduring legacy of Jean Harris, M.D..

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We are only as strong and dynamic as the women in our network. Seasoned, rising and emerging leaders like you are our future. We invite you to join our network of talented professionals throughout the health care industry.