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Membership in the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST provides a number of benefits.

Membership is open to seasoned, rising and emerging leaders in the health care industry, including graduate students in health care related programs. For an explanation of membership categories, please refer to the member types listed below.

The TRUST offers a rolling membership, meaning your membership begins on the date you sign up and payment is processed, and extends for one year. Dues may be deductible as membership in a professional association on your income tax forms. Consult your tax advisor for more information. To receive member rates for an event, you must first become a member, and then register for the event(s). These will be two separate transactions.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 609.799.4900.

Membership Criteria

The TRUST is a strong network of women health care professionals seeking to nurture their professional growth and improve health care for our communities. We are delighted you are interested in applying for membership!

Select a Membership Level

Choose the member type and complete the online application and pay with credit card.

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and Discover

Please Note: Our website is optimized for use with Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported; using Internet Explorer may result in problems with saving your data and/or making payment.

Annual Membership – Apply Online

At this TRUST membership level, members pay annual dues which include most, but not all events. The TRUST Forum and Pinnacle Leader Dinners are among those requiring payment. NOTE: registration is still required for each event. Annual Members are eligible to participate in the TRUST’s TRUST’s Mentorship Program.

Graduate Student Membership – Apply Online

Individuals who are enrolled in graduate level health care studies at an accredited college or university. For this TRUST membership level, member dues include most, but not all events. NOTE: registration is still required for each event.

Non-Member Account – Apply Online

Certain TRUST events are open to the public. In order to register for these specific events, non-members will need to create an account. Please note that there is no fee to create an account, but event fees may still apply.

Member rates for an event:

To receive member rates for an event(s), you must join first and then register for the event(s). These will be two separate transactions.

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