Rachel Metz

As a pharmacy benefit leader with more than 30 years of industry experience, Rachel Metz has been responsible for the business development and profitability of regulated lines of business for large payor plans. Rachel designs operating models to meet current business and contractual obligations while also anticipating emerging and evolving opportunities. With a track record of delivering growth and enhancements through execution of multi-year strategic plans, Rachel strengthens relationships with key stakeholders. By continuously monitoring industry trends, markets and competition, Rachel develops innovative plans, products, and programs that deliver program integrity, control costs, and accelerate growth.

Rachel is known for leading cross-functional teams to optimize solutions. Leveraging her approachable style and influencing skills, coupled with her deep financial and business acumen, she rallies stakeholders to the vision and mission, driving organizational alignment. As a result, decision-making is more intentional, efficient and progressive. With her ability to quickly assess complex situations, clients and partners trust her as an advocate and value her results-driven approach.
As a leader Rachel establishes a management cadence leading to the highest levels of performance. She cultivates trust, uses intentional delegation, and offers growth opportunities to teams.
Rachel is passionate about meaningful change in the care delivery model to improve quality of care, generate value and uplift the member experience.

Rachel earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.