Corrie Ellefson, CSM, CAL-E/CAL-T

Corrie Ellefson, CSM, CAL-E/CAL-T, is Manager, Healthplan Systems IT at HealthPartners. She has worked for HealthPartners for more than 20 years and currently leads three software development teams that serve the health plan’s Health & Care Engagement division. Her teams serve over 500 clinicians and staff who provide case and disease management, utilization management, absence management and incentive management and fulfillment through delivery of innovative and transformative technology and systems.

As a leader in the technology space, Corrie’s mission has been to ensure women technologists have a platform to have their voices heard and are presented with equal opportunities to their male peers. She co-chairs her division’s DevDays events, focusing on personal development, exploration, innovation, collaboration, and growth. This gives all technologists an equal opportunity to share their skills. In addition, Corrie mentors women technologists to help them grow in their skills and confidence to continue advancing their careers.

Corrie serves on the TRUST’s Associate Board and is a member of the Forum committee. In her free time, she enjoys activities that allow her to be outdoors. Her favorite activity is being part of a women’s competitive dragonboat team. When she’s not on the water, hiking with her pups is another way she resets her inner balance.