Lisa Estevez, MA, CCMP, Business Office Manager, SCA

What is your current role?

I have been with SCA for five months; previously, I was at a medical practice for 13 years. The Business Office Manager at SCA surgery centers has the unique role of managing people, financials and business operations. My background of working with surgeons for over 20 years and my education have prepared me to succeed in this role.  

Why did you join the TRUST & what is your role?

I joined the TRUST in 2022 as a graduate student. I heard about the TRUST from a fellow Bethel student and TRUST member. I was searching for mentorship, and positive female role models, which was an area that I was struggling with at the time. The TRUST members embraced me and I felt at home instantly.

I was recently offered a seat on the Associate Board. I have experience serving on the Strategic Growth & Marketing Committee, and now serve on the Sponsorship Committee.

What has been your favorite part of being a TRUST member?

My favorite part of being a member of the TRUST is networking. I have met so many dynamic leaders; women who have experienced so many life and career successes and learning opportunities. I never imagined there was a group of women who showed up for each other like the TRUST members do.

What one word would you use to summarize what the TRUST means to you?


What is the best career advice you’ve received?

Be open to feedback but remember that not all feedback is created equally. Always remember to take time to think about feedback before reacting. The feedback may be less about you and more about the environment or the person giving the feedback.

How do you support other women in their leadership journey?

If you know me, or have met me, I love to meet people and get to know them. I enjoy connecting people. The TRUST has given me an opportunity to do this with an exceptional group of talented women.

What do you love the most about the health care industry?

I knew early on in life that I was going to be in the health care industry. I thought early on I was destined to be a nurse, but as I got into my career, life took me down a different path. I have always been in support roles in medical practices, in patient-facing roles and behind the scenes. One thing I love is that every time I am searching for a new challenge, there is something to learn or an opportunity for growth.

Who inspires you?

My mom is one of my biggest inspirations. She worked hard to get where she is today. She has been a role model for my younger sister and me by demonstrating to us how determination, a growth mentality and a kind heart prove to be a recipe for success.

Words of wisdom to live by?

I have always been afraid of failure. This quote has helped me realize that there is no change or growth without risk. “To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try.” – Rosa Parks