Building Resilience and Finding Balance Through Self-Care

By Lisa Saul, MD, TRUST President

Life is often stressful, particularly in leadership roles. Effectively managing this stress while maintaining resilience and effectiveness calls for a multifaceted approach to self-care. Here are some practical steps I have found useful in navigating these challenges.

In the health care field, it’s especially important to model self-care to help create safe, open spaces for you and your colleagues. If you’re unsure where to start your self-care journey, join us at our Unwind & Thrive: Empowering Women Well-being Retreat November 7-8 (registration will open in August) to learn valuable skills for your overall health and well-being.

As you balance leadership with self-care, remember the transformative power of connection. Building a supportive community not only strengthens ourselves but also those around us, enhancing resilience across our team, colleagues and families. Approach each day with courage and compassion, recognizing that every act of self-care is a testament to our strength and a model for others to follow.

Lisa Saul, MD, serves as the 2024 TRUST President and is a wife, mother, physician and women’s health expert. Lisa is passionate about women in leadership and health equity. She is also dedicated to improving health outcomes for birthing people, with a particular focus on women of color. She was honored as a Mpls.St. Paul Magazine Top Doctor in 2022 and Minnesota Monthly Top Doctor in 2020.