A Personal Journey of Authentic Leadership

By Kim Perry, TRUST President

As my tenure as President of the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST draws to a close, I reflect on the power of authentic leadership. My journey has been a profound learning experience, guiding the TRUST and understanding the unique strengths we, as women, bring to leadership roles.

Authentic leadership is more than a buzzword; it’s a commitment to being genuine, transparent and true to one’s values. For women leaders, this often means navigating a path less traveled and leveraging our distinct experiences. In the health care sector, where empathy, understanding, and resilience are paramount, our capacity to lead authentically can make a significant difference.

I’ve seen firsthand how embracing our individuality as leaders can foster more inclusive and dynamic organizations. When we acknowledge our unique backgrounds, we cultivate a leadership style that resonates more deeply with our teams and communities. Authentic leadership empowers us to create environments where diverse voices are not only heard but are valued, driving innovation and progress.

During my time with the TRUST, the authenticity our members have harnessed has inspired me. You’ve shown that leadership isn’t about fitting a mold but breaking it to build something better.

I’m immensely grateful to my fellow board members and the TRUST community. Your support, insight and dedication have guided my North Star of authentic leadership. Special thanks go to outgoing board members Chris Bent, Jennifer Myster, Allison O’Connor and Joy Plamann for their years of service to our mission.

As I prepare to pass the TRUST leadership baton to Dr. Lisa Saul, I encourage you to continue embracing your unique leadership style. Remember, authentic leadership isn’t a destination; it’s a journey of continuous learning and growth. Let’s keep championing this approach, for it is through our authenticity that we can affect the most meaningful change.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve, learn and grow with you.

With deepest gratitude and respect,


Kim Perry serves as the 2023 TRUST President and is a health care consultant, board member and advisor to various organizations. Kim is passionate about women in leadership and was honored as Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s 2020 Women in Business. She is also dedicated to improving access to high-quality health care for the underserved. Kim was recently Board Chair of Neighborhood Health Source, a federally qualified health center.