Unlocking Potential through Mentorship

By Kim Perry, TRUST President

In the ever-changing health care landscape, leadership roles increasingly demand resilience, adaptability and unique perspectives. The value of a guiding light, in the form of mentorship, cannot be understated in navigating this complex terrain.

The TRUST Mentorship Program is beginning to gear up for its 2024 cycle, with applications set to open on August 14. This program serves as a catalyst for nurturing and bolstering the leadership capacities of women in health care. Mentees are paired with seasoned leaders willing to share their wisdom and experiences. This platform builds connections and inspires growth – for both the mentee and the mentor.

Mentorship is more than a transaction of knowledge or a networking endeavor. It’s an empowerment tool, promoting gender equity at the helm of an industry demanding a nuanced understanding of science and humanity. Armed with years of insight, a mentor can provide invaluable guidance, helping to navigate professional challenges, hone leadership skills and shape strategies to rise in one’s career.

Mentees gain a secure foundation built on experiential knowledge and informed strategies. These aspiring leaders get the rare opportunity to ask deep questions and learn from real-life experiences. On the other hand, established leaders can give back to the industry, fostering the next generation of health care leaders. Mentors get to shape, influence and inspire the future while building a legacy that transcends their achievements.

When applications open soon for the 2024 TRUST Mentorship Program, I hope you’ll consider participating as a mentee or mentor. Our Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity for both aspiring leaders and established professionals. Consider this your invitation to join in the collective growth and evolution of health care leadership.

Our TRUST Mentorship Program aims to continually build a resilient leadership pipeline for women in health care. Participants are encouraged to embrace their strengths and flourish amid constant changes. With the power of mentorship, we can ensure a stronger future for health care, nurtured by diverse, adept and passionate women leaders.

August 14 marks the beginning of a new chapter. Embrace the opportunity. Be a part of the TRUST Mentorship Program.

Kim Perry serves as the 2023 TRUST President and is a health care consultant, board member and advisor to various organizations. Kim is passionate about women in leadership and was honored as Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s 2020 Women in Business. She is also dedicated to improving access to high-quality health care for the underserved. Kim was recently Board Chair of Neighborhood Health Source, a federally qualified health center.