Celebrating Women in March and Beyond

By Kim Perry, TRUST President

As we enter March, we’re reminded it is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate women’s contributions throughout history. In addition, March 8 marks International Women’s Day, dedicated to promoting gender equality and celebrating the achievements of women. Coupled together, March is a time to reflect on women’s accomplishments and progress toward gender equality while also recognizing the ongoing challenges women face.

Organizations like the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST are critical in supporting women’s careers, health and wellness. The TRUST’s rich history started in 1979 as the 11-15 Club. Our founders sought to network within health care and break the glass ceiling. These trailblazing women and numerous TRUST members over the years made it easier for current members to navigate the health care industry and achieve their career goals. There are too many to thank personally, but we recognize everyone who has come before us.

And journeys seldom end; they simply continue down a new path. As current TRUST members, we continue supporting and advancing women throughout their health care careers. Soon we will celebrate the achievements of the TRUST Awards recipients at the Forum on April 27. And we have an exceptional fireside chat on May 9 with Pinnacle Leaders Jan Malcolm, retired Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner, and Connie Delaney, past TRUST President and Dean of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day provide an important opportunity for all of us to reflect on progress and the ongoing work that needs to be done. Thank you to everyone who has already paved some mighty roads and to those continuing the work. The TRUST will continue to play a vital role in supporting women, just as we have for more than 40 years. We must continue to advocate for a more just and equitable world where all women can thrive on their unique journeys. Together, we can make a difference and pave the way for future generations.

Kim Perry serves as the 2023 TRUST President and is a health care consultant, board member and advisor to various organizations. Kim is passionate about women in leadership and was honored as Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s 2020 Women in Business. She is also dedicated to improving access to high-quality health care for the underserved. Kim was recently Board Chair of Neighborhood Health Source, a federally qualified health center.