Why Women’s Leadership Matters

By Allison O’Connor, TRUST President

Like many of you, I joined the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST to network with fellow women leaders and use my voice to benefit our emerging and future leaders. The 2022 Forum was a testament to this idea as we acknowledged the unique paths we travel and our collective journey to support women leaders.

It’s no secret women are still under-represented in decision-making across most industries, including health care. According to the World Health Organization, women make up 70% of the global health care industry, yet hold only 25% of executive positions. And when we achieve leadership roles, disparities persist in pay gaps and promotions.

The TRUST was formed more than 40 years ago because representation matters. It is critical to see and hear women leaders who can serve as role models for the career advancement of other women in our field. This representation is one of the reasons we hold the TRUST Awards each year to recognize and celebrate outstanding women leaders in health care. These women are inspiring examples of the energy that comes from leaning into service and paying it forward. 

And we give voice to our members through our programming, Member Spotlights and Board/Associate Board Spotlights. In fact, I highly encourage you to read through the Spotlights as they contain valuable insights! Here are examples of the best career advice our members have received:

Women’s leadership matters every day. And we have some genuinely remarkable leaders in the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST. I hope you’ll not only lean into their voices to learn from them, but share your voice and stand up to represent women leaders in health care. Be part of the change we all want to see!

Allison O’Connor serves as the 2022 TRUST President and is Vice President of Strategy Execution at Lifespark. Allison has also held roles as Board Chair with the American College of Healthcare Executives Minnesota Chapter and Minnesota Rural Health Association, Vice-Chair with Cedar Riverside People’s Center and is a current Board member with American Red Cross North Central Blood Services North Region.