Reconnecting & Setting the Course on Many Levels

By Allison O’Connor, TRUST President

The buzz has been steadily building for the 2022 TRUST Forum on October 12! As I write this blog, the Forum is just a few weeks away. I can’t wait to see so many friends in person again and make new connections.

The past few years of the pandemic reminded me that we hunger for relationships on many levels. Some people used the time to solidify their bonds with family, individuals deepened their understanding of themselves, and many sought out opportunities to serve others.

In regards to that last point, our Forum keynote Elizabeth Bishop will be sharing her Conscious Service approach that helps people create a roadmap for how they wish to show up in service with others. As Elizabeth writes, “How do you wish to show up and how do you wish to feel in your experience – this is a powerful inquiry that can act as a barometer guiding your choices, your actions and your senses of fulfillment.”

I’m excited to hear more from Elizabeth about how we can tap into our capacity to be fully engaged while giving back! I’m also thrilled to be honoring many outstanding health care women at the Forum. These women are setting the course on so many levels! The future of health care is surely in good hands thanks to their forward-thinking work.

Collaboration & Partnerships

Hope Guidry-Groves, Be the Match; Emy Johnson, Allina Health; Megahan Miller, PsyD, LP, Allina Health; Dawn Simonson, MPA

Community Engagement

Kathleen Donnelly, FNP, Minnesota Community Care; Deltreice Gates, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota; Reverend Jeanette Rupert, BSN, HealthPartners; Tracy Telander, RN, MBA, MHealth Fairview

Health & Well-being

Elizabeth Alabi, MD, Hennepin Health; Archelle Georgiou, MD, Starkey Hearing; Mary Beth Lardizabel, DO, Allina Health; Ashley TeKippe, MD, CAQ, TRIA Orthopedics


Sheyanga Beecher, CNP, MPH, Hennepin Health; Emily Downing, MD, Allina Health; Dawn Martin, MD, MPH, Hennepin Health; Kayla Vinje, MHA, Allina Health


Tracee Anderson, MN Adult & Teen Challenge; Michelle Murray, PhD, Nexus Family Healing; Maria Raines, MS, ACNS-BC, MHealth Fairview; Lisa Shannon, Allina Health

And we will also recognize our 2022 21st Century Pinnacle Leader Award recipient, Amy Ronneberg, CEO, National Marrow Donor Program/Be the Match, and a former TRUST Board member! Amy is very deserving of this recognition and joins the ranks of other esteemed women in health care who have been honored with this award.

I hope you will join me at the Forum on October 12 to learn, network and celebrate! It’s sure to be a wonderful evening of reconnecting in person!

Allison O’Connor serves as the 2022 TRUST President and is Vice President of Strategy Execution at Lifespark. Allison has also held roles as Board Chair with the American College of Healthcare Executives Minnesota Chapter and Minnesota Rural Health Association, Vice-Chair with Cedar Riverside People’s Center and is a current Board member with American Red Cross North Central Blood Services North Region.