A Stronger You Builds a Stronger Us

By Chris Bent, TRUST President

Last month I talked about the Power of Us, the theme for this year’s TRUST Forum on September 28 and Awards Celebration on September 14. We continue to see examples in our professional and personal lives of how our collective strength is mightier than any one person. It’s why we hear the phrase “there is strength in numbers.” As individuals, we all have some healing to do as we emerge from the pandemic. But how can you be a stronger you, so you can help build a stronger us?

  1. Take Care of Your Health & Wellbeing. You’ve heard TRUST leaders and others throughout the industry talk about the need to take care of yourself first to take care of others. Carve out time for exercise, meditation, mindfulness or whatever centers you. You won’t regret the time you invest here. For our TRUST board retreat at the end of June, we read the book My Grandmother’s Hands. The book is focused on healing that starts with yourself—mending psyches, souls, bodies and relationships—and from that, meaningful change can emerge for families, neighborhoods and communities. We, as leaders of the TRUST, are taking that first step with ourselves.
  2. Know Your Leadership Style. Do you know your authentic leadership style? Are you leaning into your strengths and improving areas that need some work? Even the most seasoned leaders can enhance their leadership skills. I find myself needing to do a reset periodically. I can feel it in my body when I’m off course and need to check in with me. When you lead from your True North, you’ll find decision-making is faster and easier.
  3. Encourage Contributions from Others. Participative leaders encourage others to bring forth ideas and take active roles. Studies have shown these types of leaders are more productive and creative, and bring out the same in their teams. Create opportunities for others to shine and you’ll be better for it.
  4. Try New Things. We’re at our best when we keep growing and trying new things. Thought about gaining new technology skills? Try it. Want to earn a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate to build a more supportive and inclusive work culture? Do it. You’re never too old to learn!
  5. Ask for Help. Life is complex. We’re not meant to walk the world alone or know everything. There is a perception that asking for help is a sign of weakness; however, the opposite is true. Strong leaders aren’t afraid to ask for help. They seek the help of others rather than struggle and miss goals.

You’re already likely stronger than you realize as you’ve successfully overcome the challenges of the past year. Remember, the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST was started by women health care leaders who realized they could help each other be stronger individuals and a more powerful group! The Power of Us has been building over the years and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you to all TRUST members who support and inspire me and each other to be the best they can be.

Christine (Chris) Bent currently serves as TRUST President and is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Prime Therapeutics. Chris was named one of the Notable Heroes of Health Care for 2020 by Twin Cities Business.