The Power of Us

By Chris Bent, TRUST President

The power to stay resilient to lead ourselves through times of fear, failure and change with confidence is within us all as we continue to address racism, injustices and inequities, as well as the pandemic.

That’s why we chose the theme “Power of Us” for the 2021 TRUST Forum on September 28 and Awards Celebration on September 14.

Last year, we rose together through many challenges. We continue to harness the power of us – all of us – to keep moving forward. That includes taking care of ourselves as individuals, so we have the strength to remain resilient for the transformations the health care industry and our communities are undergoing.

As you read more about the TRUST Forum in the coming months, you’ll notice our Forum design features butterflies joining together. The intent here was very purposeful because, like butterflies, we signify change, hope, renewal and transformation. And when we join together as one collective, we can do remarkable things, like:

The power we have as TRUST members has long been part of our mission to support and inspire women leaders in health care. The power of women leaders in health care is evident in the outstanding women and organizations recognized each year with Forum Awards for the work they do to transform our industry boldly. The power to lift one another up is unmistakable when you witness the hundreds (more than 800 pre-pandemic!) who attend the Forum each year to celebrate the women impacting and advancing health care in our communities.

The Power of Us is strong. You will continue to hear that theme as a drumbeat. Let it serve as a reminder of our resiliency and the challenges we have successfully overcome. The TRUST is here for you with support and resources for our individual and shared journeys. And what a journey it has been and will continue to be. Our collective power has changed lives, and there’s so much more we can do.

Christine (Chris) Bent currently serves as TRUST President and is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Prime Therapeutics. Chris was named one of the Notable Heroes of Health Care for 2020 by Twin Cities Business.